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Thomas D. Nares

Attorney at Law, APC


At the Law Office of Thomas D. Nares, our lawyers represent clients in all areas involving divorce, child custody and visitation, domestic violence, child support, and all other areas of family law. We help our you with:

  • Getting more visitation time with your children;

  • Making sure you're not paying more support than you're legally obligated to pay;

  • Getting all the support that you're legally entitled to;

  • Protecting yourself from false or exaggerated claims of domestic violence;

  • Getting protection for you and your children from acts of domestic violence;

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE.  Our fees are reasonable and we have decades of experience.  Our services are also offered in Spanish to the Spanish speaking community. We serve clients throughout San Diego County and adjacent counties.  

For assistance with your family law questions, call our office at 760-434-5710

2794 Gateway Rd.

Suite C-5
Carlsbad, CA 92009





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