Online Uncontested Divorce

    We now offer our clients who have an "uncontested divorce" the opportunity to choose to have their family law legal documents prepared by us at a huge savings.   We prepare the documents for you and you make the court appearances.  You benefit from our expertise and legal knowledge, but, because we do not make an appearance with you in court, you can save thousands of dollars in fees but, you will have the confidence of knowing the your documents were prepared the right way.  Also, you won't have to come in to the office.  It's all done online.

    Although this service is not appropriate in all cases, sometimes and under certain cases, this service is an inexpensive way of getting your case into the court system without having a lawyer next to you in court. This is especially so in the case of "uncontested divorce" and "low conflict divorce."

    Uncontested Divorces:  As the name suggests, this is where both parties are in agreement with most of the issues.  In a truly uncontested divorce, the parties still require all documents to be prepared correctly so as to insure a smooth legal process.

    Low Conflict Cases:  Similar to an uncontested divorce, even where you and your spouse might not agree on all of the issues, both of you nevertheless enjoy a relatively civil and respectful relationship and just need some assistance in making sure your documents are prepared properly. 


    If you believe that your case fits within the category of cases described above, or if you would just like to give it a try without a lawyer but, with the benefit of having your documents prepared by a lawyer, this might be for you.

   And remember, if at some point you discover that you do need to hire a lawyer, we're always here to help.

     Wherever you live in the state of CALIFORNIA, just click on the link below and you will be able to get a more complete explanation of our services and of our price structure our sister website.