ONLINE Divorce Mediation

Why Mediation


During my more than 30 years of practicing law, I have found that the great majority of divorcing couples are unaware of an alternative to going to court and having a judge decide the important issues in their lives.  They are unaware that there is an alternative to paying $300-$500 per hour to a lawyer to resolve issues that, with the help of a knowledgeable mediation lawyer, they could agree upon themselves. 


The alternative to Litigation is Mediation.  By choosing Mediation, a trained and experienced lawyer can sit down with both parties, ask the important questions, and through that process, come up with a sensible, reasonable solution to the issues in your divorce.  This can be done at a fraction of the cost of going through a prolonged courtroom process.   


Resolving your divorce case through Mediation allows both parties to have control over their lives and, with the Mediator’s experience and knowledge of Family Law, come up with a reasonable and mutually agreeable solution to the sometimes difficult issues in your case.


Why ONLINE Mediation?


Although Mediation has great advantages over Litigation,  as mentioned above, traditional Mediation still requires that the parties meet at the Mediator’s office, sit down with their spouse and the Mediator and hammer out an agreement.  This process generally requires several office visits before a solution can be reached. 


What do Mediators charge?  Generally, a Mediator’s fee averages around what litigation lawyers charge…somewhere between $300-$500 per hour.  Don’t get me wrong, Mediation still has many advantages over Litigation for the reasons stated above.  Further, Mediation can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes for Litigation to be completed.  Thus, fewer hours spent equals less total fees for the client. 


This is where ONLINE Mediation is superior to traditional Mediation.  In my ONLINE Mediation practice, I charge $125.00 per hour.  Instead of meeting at an office, we meet online through video conferencing.  Because of this, scheduling an appointment is much more flexible.  You can use your laptop or desktop computer from the comfort of your home or office.  No traveling to meet with a Mediator.  Easy!


 ONLINE Mediation Makes Sense

  • Your divorce can be processed faster with ONLINE Mediation than through Litigation or traditional Mediation

  • ONLINE Mediation is less expensive than traditional Mediation

  • Scheduling an appointment is more flexible than with traditional Mediation

  • No traveling to the Mediator’s office

  • ONLINE Mediation can be accomplished from your home or office

  • $125 per hour vs $300-$500 per hour

  • We can handle your divorce mediation wherever you are located within the state of CALIFORNIA


What’s the Next Step?


Contact me by pressing the "Contact Us" button below.  Let me know that you are interested in ONLINE Mediation and I will contact you either by email or if you prefer, by phone.  I will answer all of your questions regarding how we can get started on resolving your divorce case without the stress of Litigation and at a fraction of the cost of Litigation or traditional Mediation.