Client Reviews

Let me start by saying my attorney was referred to me by a friend who has known Flor for over 25 years, and how grateful I am to have found her. For something that was going to be settled quickly, it’s turned into quite a battle. My attorney has been there for me every minute! I have been filled with anxiety many times through preparation for court, she has calmed me with her professionalism, and an aesthetic way in which she speaks to me, one that I can understand. She gives me options that I don’t see, and counsels me when my decisions or ideas aren’t in the best interest with our case. I would recommend Flor De Maria Levandoski to anybody needing consultation or attorney services! Thank you Marty (September 2021)


"Highly recommended"

Tom handled the fall out after my ex & I decided to use a paralegal to handle our divorce. The paperwork that the paralegal provided was sloppy and could have cost me a fortune. Tom helped save me from paying alimony & made sure that my ex did not get more than he was entitled to. He remained calm & professional while I felt like my life was falling apart. I cannot thank him enough for the counseling & advice that he offered. I am now happily remarried, followed Tom's advice by getting a prenup and highly recommend Tom.



"You can't go wrong being represented by Attorney Tom Nares"

Tom is the best lawyer in town. He has been my lawyer for 7 years.  So far he handled my divorce plus after years later he took my few other cases. He is very successful in many different fields like Family law and Criminal so on. I direct any of my friends to Tom if they have any legal issues and hear back always good feedback. You will be proud to hire him at the court when he start handling your case. I highly recommend him to anyone...



"Satisfied Client!!!"

I hired Mr. Nares to represent me in a dissolution of marriage case and I am extremely satisfied on how Nares handled my case! He could not be any more professional that he was and did absolutely everything to make sure I received what was asked for, which was to terminate my marriage and get sole and physical custody with no visitation for my son. I highly recommend Thomas to any one!



I recently retained Mr. Nares to assist me in a child custody dispute. With any case pertaining to family law the stakes are always high and uncertainty is around every corner. Mr. Nares skillfully and professionally handled my case and was very supportive through the entire process. Mr. Nares no nonsense approach makes it easy to stay grounded when making decisions regarding any legal matter. Mr. Nares is a is an asset that makes the difference in any legal matter and will always be my first choice for legal counsel.

Thanks Tom.


December 4, 2015


"Most Recommended Family Law Attorney"

I hired Mr. Nares to represent me in a custody/visitation and child support matter. After learning that the father had not been in my child's life for about ten years, Mr. Nares assured me that he would be there for me along the way. His approach was straight forward and honest, yet caring which made me feel comfortable. It can be frustrating to know that you spend thousands of dollars on an attorney that took you nowhere but Mr. Nares is reasonable and will fight for you until the end. He takes pride in his work and to him you're not just another client with a big dollar sign. Not only did I have a knowledgeable attorney but an attorney who actually cared about their client (me) and cared about what was in the best interest of my daughter. Mr. Nares, explained the process . He provided me with legal advice, including citing code sections so that I would have a better understanding of the legal aspect. He educated me throughout the entire process. As client's we all get emotional or angry, especially when its involving our children but Mr. Nares always seemed to have a solution to the problem. He was reachable and available to answer any questions I had. Most importantly, he is a hard worker and devoted attorney. At the end, I was really pleased with the custody/visitation and child support order. My child support order increased. In addition, father was ordered to pay one-half of my daughter's tuition and one-half of her extracurricular activities. I cannot thank him enough for everything that he has done for me and my family. For this reason, I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Thank you, 



"Tom Nares helped me & my son"


I am honored to share my overwhelmingly positive experience being represented in court by Tom Nares. After successfully representing me during my divorce, I knew exactly who I would want to represent me a second time when I fought for full custody of my son. During what was possibly the most stressful and uncomfortable time of my life, Tom Nares was professional, caring, understanding and above all, incredibly knowledgeable about my case. He was honest with me each time I had difficult questions about my custody case, and understanding about my concerns along the way. His staff was always helpful, easy to reach and approachable. 

The first time Mr. Nares represented me, I was going through a divorce. I was faced with the daunting task of paying more than half of my salary to my soon to be ex-wife in spousal and child support even though she had a college degree and worked sporadically at various full time jobs during the course of our marriage. Mr. Nares suggested doing a deposition that proved my wife was more than capable of working, which lessened my payments to her considerably. Mr. Nares was also successful in helping me gain 50% custody of my only son, which was the most important issue of the court proceedings, as far as I was concerned. Without Tom’s help, the amount of time I spent raising my son could have been lessened. I have him to thank for this. 

After several years, and many discussions with my son, it became clear that he wanted to live with me full time, as events in his mother’s home had changed drastically with the arrival of a boyfriend that took up most of her time and left my son feeling unwanted. Now faced with the task of trying to gain more than 50% custody from my ex-wife, I knew exactly who would give me the best legal advice about this case….Tom Nares. My new fiancé and I talked with Tom about our honest chances of gaining full custody of my son, even though we were not yet married. Mr. Nares was honest with us at every turn, and was excellent in asking for the proper documentation to support our case. He coached us very well at every step of the process, and handled the case expertly in court, ultimately winning our case and changing our lives for the better in every way! 

We can honestly say that we owe Tom a debt of gratitude for helping us navigate the difficult legal proceedings with grace, dignity, knowledge and understanding! Should we ever need to go to court again for any reason, we would happily choose Mr. Nares to be our attorney.


Gary and Jodi Gonzales


Tom is an excellent family Lawyer. Patient and thorough, I would recommend him highly if you're looking for someone good and experienced to represent you.